6 Master Bath Remodel: Day 2

>> Friday, April 30, 2010

With demo freshly completed in our master bathroom, we aren’t nearly to the ‘before & after’ stage of our remodel but a few ‘then & now’ shots never hurt anyone.

So long to the bulky cabinets with dated tile. We have something a bit more sleek in mind for this space…


We have other plans for our linen closet as well. Ditching the door and turning this space into a contemporary nook should be just the ticket…


Soon to be so fresh & so clean…


Raising the ceiling in the shower will not only make the space feel larger but will also give us room to bump up the shower head so that this 5’9” gal can actually fit underneath…


Moving right along! Now it’s time to bring out the potential in this bad boy. Here’s the plan…

Open up the shower by raising the shower head and loading it with white ceramic tile. Sandwiched between the shower and outer wall of the bathroom will be a floating vanity with two vessel sinks. Going from one to two sinks in this bathroom will make for peaceful toothbrushing among we Wilkersons…

On the other side of the shower, we are leaving the door off of the linen closet and smoothing out the rough edges with fresh sheetrock and new shelving to make for the perfect linen nook. No door = must stay organized, but we are up for the challenge!




10 Master Bathroom Remodel: Day 1

>> Thursday, April 29, 2010

Truth be told, this door to our master bath has probably only been opened a half a dozen times since we moved into Casa Wilkerson three months ago. Why are we giving this space the cold shoulder?…

It’s scary, and not just cosmetically. Sure the room is a smidge on the dated side, but as far as functionality goes, it’s a wreak. Both the shower pan and pipe underneath the toilet leak, rendering our master bath virtually useless. 

IMG_5519 IMG_5520

Until now! Time to turn this wasted square footage into a shining master bath oasis.

Thanks to the complexity of properly replacing a shower pan (one episode of Holmes on Homes will tell you that), we are leaving this part of the remodel to the experts. I’ve never seen such a beautiful site…

IMG_5531IMG_5534 IMG_5535



Now tell me that is not a little slice of heaven on earth. See you back here tomorrow for more demo goodness…and perhaps a mood board for our new bath!



1 DIY Bib Necklace How-To…and How-Not-To: Part 3

>> Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In case you missed our progress so far (and you really haven’t missed all that much) and feel like playing catch up, below are the links to Part 1 & Part 2 posts…

DIY Bib Necklace: Part 1
DIY Bib Necklace: Part 2

Moving on to the next flower, hard to tell from the photo below but take a closer look in the video above to get a good feel for this little guy.

In need of more fabric choices at 10:00 at night, I turned to my own closet for a little inspiration…

This shirt will do! No longer needed by yours truly, it was just the color I was looking for…

First, cut a long strip (about 18” long and 3” wide), and then cut into 1” sections so that you have 3 strips…



Start braiding..

IMG_5508 IMG_5509

Once you have the entire length braided, roll the braid into its self and stop to secure the rows to each other along the way…

IMG_5510 IMG_5513

Secure the end of the braid to the underside of your new curly flower and call it a day!





0 Just Listed: 109 Pearl in Capitol View

This fantastic 2 bedroom/2 bath home is on the National Register in the charming Capitol View neighborhood. With plenty of space and character, this home offers desirable updates while maintaining the charm of the era in which the home was built. You’ll find an updated kitchen, large formal dining room, spacious living room, separate office with a view, separate laundry room, carport and extensive landscaping in the front and back yards. Enjoy all of the natural light, nice hardwood floors, and beautiful molding throughout the home!

Price: $199,000

109 Pearl_front1109 Pearl_national register109 Pearl_living1109 Pearl_kitchen1 109 Pearl_kitchen2109 Pearl_bedroom2109 Pearl_bedroom1

109 Pearl_guest bath 109 Pearl_master bath
109 Pearl_office 109 Pearl_patio

Click here for more photos & information and to schedule a private tour. We look forward to hearing from you!



0 Just Sold: 416 Brown

>> Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Congrats to Brooke on the purchase of her first home in Stifft’s Station!

416 Brown_sold



1 DIY Bib Necklace How-To…and How-Not-To: Part 2

>> Monday, April 26, 2010

Before we move on to the flowers-that-look-more-tricky-but-really-aren’t, l

et’s wrap up the buds we started yesterday…

With a wide variety of pretties to pair up, grab a couple in different sizes, stack and sew together.


Next, sew a button to the center of your new blossom…


..and keep going!


Not too painful right? We’ll be back soon with the how-to for these guys…




5 DIY Bib Necklace How-To…and How-Not-To: Part 1

>> Sunday, April 25, 2010

After crafty-cousin-in-law Katie breezed through a quick how-to of making her bib necklace, I tried to do my best to keep up, but somehow all I remembered of our conversation was: …super easy…cut circles…basic running stick…pull thread…

Luckily it seems that those 3 steps were really all I needed to get started: cutting circles, running stitch (don’t worry. I’ll explain this one for those of you who also have no clue what this means) and pulling thread. Now let’s get crackin!

Supply List 

Thank goodness for the dear sweet old souls manning the sewing department at Hobby Lobby. One helpful vest-clad employee in particular came to my rescue. Here’s what I walked away with…

- Fabric scraps (Amazing! Already bundled & color coordinated)
- Sewing needles
- Thread
- Chain (head on over to the jewelry section for that)
- Necklace clasp

- Buttons (grab a few in different colors & sizes)
- Fabric scissors

Note: I am sure I’m missing a few items that I’ll find that I need in the future, so I’ll keep you posted on what I neglected to include in the original supply list.


Step #1: Cut Circles

Easy enough. I gathered a few household items in various sizes to serve as my guides. To be more specific: a bread plate, dessert plate and water glass. Then, just trace & cut out your circle.

Success! On to the next step…

Step 2: Running Stitch

Running stitch means nothing to you? Welcome aboard. Click here to see a detailed description, but basically a running stitch is the kindergarten version of sewing. That is good for us. Very good.

Sew along the entire outside of the circle…


Step 3: Pull Thread

Once you arrive back where you started sewing, simply pull the thread so that the ends of the circle bunch and meet in the middle. You may have to guide the fabric a bit to form the right shape of the flower. Then, just tie the two ends of the thread together to make sure this little budding blossom stays put.

That’s it! See how easy? Katie has been on point so far.

Keep whipping up a few more flowers like this in different sizes and fabrics. We’ll meet back here soon for Part 2. Happy sewing!


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