0 Happy Memorial Day

>> Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day, friends!  We hope you are able to take a little time today to enjoy time with family & friends and remember those who’ve dedicated themselves to this fabulous country of ours.


-Eric & Cara

Photo credit: Martha Stewart


1 Let’s Make a Deal: Zebra Rug

>> Sunday, May 30, 2010

image image
 Horchow $358.90  JC Penney $149.99



0 Just Sold: 1315 Kavanaugh #5

>> Saturday, May 29, 2010

Congratulations to Oliver on the sale of his Hillcrest condo!

1315 Kavanaugh #5_sold



2 Gotta Have It: Outdoor Throw Pillows

>> Friday, May 28, 2010

image image
West Elm
 Sundial Pillow: $29.00
Pottery Barn
 Awning Stripe Pillow: $39.00
image image
Home Depot
 Beachside Pillow: $30.00 for 2
Crate & Barrel
 Meridian Maribel Pillow: $29.95



4 Perfect Timing

>> Thursday, May 27, 2010

Look what arrived in our mailbox yesterday…


What’s the big deal? Only the most perfect timing imaginable!

As I cruise on down to Florida with my pretty sister and her gal pals, I’ll have 50+ inspiring summer ideas courtesy of At Home to rev me up for a little fun in the sun.

No worries. While the cat’s away the mice will not play. Plenty of post to come while my toes are buried in the sand.



1 LTHL Guest Post: Details Weddings & Events

>> Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shuffle on over to Details Weddings & Event’s blog to check out a guest post by yours truly!

Forget gravy boats & waffle makers, A Handy Gal’s Guide to Registering includes the essential must-haves for brides-to-be (and do-it-yourselfers in general) to keep the nest in working order. Enjoy!



5 How To…Create a Frame Collage

Empty wall? Small budget? We’ve whipped up a creative (and inexpensive) solution.

Encountering a similar dilemma in our guest bedroom, we wanted to stick to our eco-chic theme and create inexpensive wall art using recycled materials.



Several large photo frames (we rescued ours up from local thrift stores & family members)

- Nails
- Hammer
- Tape measurer & level if you are feeling precise…or you could just eyeball it like we did

Let the fun begin! In just a matter of minutes we transformed this boring wall into a wondrous work of earth-friendly art.


First, play with your photo frames a bit until you find an arrangement that suits you. Line them up on the floor as you would want them to appear on the wall…



Next, if you are a bit OCD about getting the frames just right (no harm in being too careful) measure the distance between each frame and mark your wall accordingly or use the old trace & nail method…or just eyeball it and start hammering away like we did.

Wilkerson Word of Wisdom: Nails really work better than picture hangers in this case since most of the old frames we found didn’t have much for a picture hanger to “hang on” to.



Keep going!

Wilkerson Word of Wisdom: Have one droopy frame that won’t stay put? Just add another nail beside the first to create more support for the frame to rest on (make sure the two nails are level!)



That’s it! Once all of your frames are hung, you are one project (and one empty wall) ahead of the DIY game.

Now our wheels are turning about other around the house objects could we recycle as thrifty wall art. What are your thoughts? We’re dying to know!



3 History Lesson: Guest Bedroom, Round 3

>> Tuesday, May 25, 2010



1. Chair: Picked up last year during a sale at Garden Ridge, this sturdy fellow was intended to live out his years on our patio. He’s just filling in until a new Rehabilitation Station find is ready to make its debut in this spot. Coming soon!

2. Throw Pillow: An old friend. This guy, originally hailing from Ikea, has made an appearance in various areas of the Wilkerson household, but we think he fits in pretty well in this space.

3. Quilt: A wedding gift from Eric’s grandmother, this lovely quilt serves double duty as a means to cozy up this nook as well as the chilly feet of slumbering guests.




4 History Lesson: Guest Bedroom, Round 2

>> Monday, May 24, 2010

IMG_5876 image

1. Frame Collage: After rounding up several wooden frames from Gran’s house and a handful of local thrift stores, a quick arrangement made for handy wall art on a slim budget—$4 from start to finish.

2. Bookshelf: Scrounged out of a warehouse for the small price of hauling it home, its size and the shape of the cubbies has quickly made this guy a Rehabilitation Station favorite. (Missed the back story? Click here to see how we snagged this guy for free!) 

3. Knickknacks: Magazines, books, old cigar boxes (courtesy of Gran) and various items from thrift stores & yard sales cozy up our bookshelf in a wonderful way.




4. Dressmaker’s Mannequin: With a great-grandmother overflowing with major seamstress skills, this mannequin was a favorite childhood playmate for my sister and I during trips to Gran’s house. I’m super excited to have her feet planted firmly in our guest bedroom. We’re just hoping she doesn’t frighten our guests…



Budget Breakdown:

Frames $4.00
Bookshelf FREE (with a little elbow grease)
Knickknacks $20.00
Mannequin FREE
Total $24.00



1 This & That #4

>> Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lex in the City 
This…is Lexy. Ralph’s bug-eating girlfriend & second cousin.

That…is a quick glimpse of downtown Little Rock on a beautiful Sunday.



2 This & That #3


This…is the best start to a Sunday morning.

Since we’re in the spirit of full disclosure, the donut holes didn’t make it home alive.



0 Let’s Make a Deal: Outdoor Chaise

>> Saturday, May 22, 2010

image image
 Pottery Barn: $279.00  Overstock: $159.99



0 Just Sold: 28 Montvale

>> Thursday, May 20, 2010

A big congratulations goes out to the Stalls family on the sale of their Pebble Beach home!

28  Montvale_sold



4 Table for 4…or 6…or 8

We’ve been on the hunt for the perfect dining room table for years. Not weeks. Not months. Years.

The requirements:

- Dark stain
- No leaf
- Large enough to fit 8 chairs comfortably
- Small enough to fit an average sized dining room…let’s face it. We Wilkersons like to move and can’t stomach the thought of having to buy a new table for each change in dining location.

A picky crew we were and truth be told, we nearly gave up. Until the luckiest day landed right in our lap. During the 65th trip to the same furniture store to look at the same tables expecting to leave with the same empty hands, we found it. Search no more. Wrap this puppy up because we were sold.

Here’s why this beauty is the most perfect dining table for Wilkerson living.

Seats two per side…

…or three!

No leaf…


And thanks to the narrow frame, three chairs can fit comfortably on each side while keeping the table sleek and slim to fit your standard dining room.

Bring on the dinner parties! You pick up a bottle of wine and we’ll cook stop in for Chinese take-out.



7 How To…Shorten Curtain Panels Without a Sewing Machine

>> Wednesday, May 19, 2010

With several 108” curtain panels stacked neatly in our linen closet and two bare windows in our guest bedroom, we were excited to pull these bad boys out of hiding and repurpose them with a simple trim and a bit of iron-on adhesive.


- Curtain panel in need of a trim
- Iron on fabric adhesive (we used 3/8” Heat n Bond)
- Iron
- Tape measurer
- Straight edge
- Pen

Find a big enough space to lay the panel out flat. Beware, cats may encroach.

IMG_5630 IMG_5631 IMG_5632

Measure the distance that you would like the curtain panel to be, allowing a few additional inches to fold over as a cuff.

Example: We wanted our panels to be 92” when all was said and done, so we marked our panels for 96” to allow 4” for the cuff.


Use a straight edge to ensure that your cut is straight.
 IMG_5637 IMG_5638

Make your cut.

Fold your fabric to the desired length of your cuff—we went with 4”—and iron to create a crease.


Place your adhesive sticky side down and follow the directions on the package for exact heating length, approximately 2-5 seconds.

Remove paper backing and allow adhesive to cool. Once cool, fold cuff and iron (8-10 seconds depending on package instructions).


Hang your lovely like-new panel and call it a day!


On an additional good-to-the-environment note, we reused two curtain rods that we’ve had idly hanging around the house for years.  With a similar finish, but mismatched ends, we hadn’t considered using them in the same room before.

Silly Wilkersons. We think they look great and definitely fit the shabby-chic feel of this guestroom. 



What do you think? Do mismatched curtain rods float your boat, or does the thought of it bring out the OCD in you?


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