0 Just Sold: 2002 Kavanaugh in Hillcrest

>> Monday, August 31, 2009

Another charming Hillcrest home sold! This 2 bedroom/1 bath condo just a short walk from shopping and dining hotspots is now home to a proud new owner, and we were glad to have helped! 

2002 Kavanaugh_sold

Contact us today to find out how we can help you sell your house or find your next home!



0 The School Zone: Martin Luther King Elementary School

>> Sunday, August 30, 2009

Martin Luther King Elementary School

905 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive
Little Rock AR 72202

Martin Luther King Elementary School was built in 1993 and the philosophy and expectations of the school are based on Dr. King's principles of life.

Located in the heart of downtown Little Rock, across from Arkansas Children’s Hospital, a variety of specialty classes are offered to provide students with a well-rounded curriculum.

The school also recently adopted the city park adjacent to its playground.

Quick Facts:

Principal: Tyrone Harris
Enrollment: 619

Grade Levels: Pre-K – 5
Uniforms: Required



0 Saturday/Birthday Day Off

>> Saturday, August 29, 2009

It is Saturday, and it is my birthday, and I am taking a blog day off. See you tomorrow!

Cara Birthday 


0 Designer Duds

>> Friday, August 28, 2009

Beautiful home with an earthy color palette by Tracery Interiors brings the outdoors in…

I have a huge crush on  the wooden end tables and am already scheming on how I can craft one of my own…




2 wwW.indow Shopping.com: Anthropologie

>> Thursday, August 27, 2009

A few fun favorites from Anthropologie—we need one in Little Rock pronto tonto! Until then, I’ll just play a grownup version of Barbie’s dream house and put together my own virtual living room.

I absolutely need the Recycled Home coffee table book in my life! The Rehabilitation Station crew could pick up quite a few pointers from within its pages. A big hug to Anna Kaye for reminding me how much I love this store!



0 Just a Thought: Throwing away money on throws?

>> Wednesday, August 26, 2009

imageMaybe it is the lovely cooler weather we’ve been enjoying lately or perhaps the magic of back-to-school time, but during a window shopping trip on the world wide web, I noticed an abundance of stores peddling throw blankets.

Everywhere I looked, ads depicted happy mothers covering sleeping children in a soft sheet of cashmere and women snuggling up with a cup of tea and yet another luxurious throw. I mean these blankets were everywhere, and I’ve got to tell you, those ads were convincing. I immediately began to feel a drafty chill tickle my own feet. That settled it. I too needed a new throw for fall.

I immediately found one in a lovely burnt orange—I believe the technical Williams Sonoma Home term for the color was “Autumn Glaze”. Oh yes. That was the one.

Then I caught a glimpse of the price tag. Whoa! More than I wanted to spend, but my new throw was worth it, right? It would keep me warm all winter, right?

When it came time to check out, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Yes, those ads were wonderful, but what they didn’t show was how my new throw would most likely become my little handsome Ralph’s snuggle buddy. Somehow I don’t think spending hours picking the little white puppy furs off of alpaca was the activity the ads had in mind.

So off to Target I will go in search of a less expensive alternative. My wallet (and husband!) will thank me for it. Maybe not Ralph, though.



0 Let’s Make a Deal: The Spine Bookcase

image image
  West Elm: $169.00   Overstock.com: $109.99



6 Finally Finished!

>> Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One more project to check off on the Rehabilitation Station to-do list! I

t is a good day, my friends.

Take a gander at our sparse before bedroom…


First, we sanded, primed and painted the platform bed, and what a difference that change made! Then we moved on to the bedside tables.  With a bit of wood glue to fix a wobbly leg and several coats of paint, they were back in action.

Outfitting a couple of lamps that we already had hanging around with new shades and filling black frames that were  going unused with photographs printed from the web served as inexpensive accessories for the space.


Finally, we tackled the headboard. The most imaginative—and fun—piece in the room originated from the headboard and footboard of an old crib.

We started by painting the wood (what else?) black. Too add a softer touch, we crafted two upholstered panels and attached one to the center of each of the two pieces. I was unsure how this would play out, but I definitely think it was a good choice!

Much better! Now it at least looks like someone actually lives here… 


Budget Breakdown:

Platform bed FREE
Primer, paint & supplies $25
Bedside tables (2) FREE—thanks M. Bond!
Headboard $10
Fabric & upholstery supplies $17
Lamp shades $30
Total $82

Now that our bedroom is in working order, other projects can move up the list. Stay tuned for more adventures in the Rehabilitation Station.



2 Let’s Make a Deal: The Leaning Shelf

>> Monday, August 24, 2009



  Pottery Barn: $299.00

  JC Penney: $119.99


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