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>> Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My wonderful Mother-in-law, Deb—she really is wonderful. No sarcasm here!—is a lover of emails. All emails. The ones with funny jokes, interesting heath facts, those awful emails that make you concentrate hard on an image and then a scary face pops out and makes you fall out of your chair because you are so frightened…all emails.

This past week, Deb-o sent along an email that I feel the need to share with everyone in the blog-o-sphere. Check out this one from msnbc…

A German company, Style-your-garage.com, is selling photo tarpaulins of 3-D motifs that adhere to the surface of garage doors, giving people a new medium to express themselves. Want to imagine that you have your own airplane waiting for you, or that you're hitting the beach when you get home? For about $284, you can give your garage door a fantasy makeover. Take a look of some of the customized styles.

imageimageimage image image

I know what you are thinking: Who in their right mind would ever do this to their garage door? Ever seen those unsightly, umm, "body parts” some people choose to attach to the underside of their trucks? I am thinking the same people may be adding this little project to their honey do list…



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