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>> Friday, August 21, 2009

Whoa. Remember this post from way back when?

Alright, so it was just from the end of June, but I am slightly embarrassed that this bedroom mini-makeover project is still going on. Even though it is more like three projects in one, I figured I’d better update you guys on the progress. I need the accountability.

Let’s begin with a recap of the to-do list:


Paint/stain the platform bed—check! Surprisingly the largest piece of furniture was the easiest to complete.


Give new life to a couple of end tables that have been sitting in our garage, begging to be cleaned up—once again, check! (After two color choices and many layers of paint, we went with black, yet again. I am counting on a few fun bedside accessories to add a bit of spice.)



Create an upholstered headboard—hmm. This has been the pickle. While I was super pumped about creating a dramatic headboard, the size of the plywood required of my master plan would have been a beast to get back to the casa. Luckily I was saved during another one of our trips to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore!

Now, you mustn’t laugh. I would like to remind all of the naysayers that several of my loved ones doubted my creative abilities when I lugged home Lady in Red’s tired bones, but now she stands shining in our entry way. With that said, below is the $10 shell of a headboard that will soon plant itself proudly behind our bed…


Yes, my friends. This dingy headboard and footboard from an old crib will soon become our new queen sized headboard. Priming complete. Painting in process. Embellishment to come.



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