0 Reader Redo: Erin’s Chevron Chair

>> Friday, September 28, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, an email from my pal, Erin, landed in my inbox. I am always over the moon excited to hear from her, but I was more than thrilled when she also sent pictures of her most recent do-it-yourself project. Let’s take a look…

Hey Cara, I always admire your skills as a DIYer and it seems like you make things look really easy on your blog. I noticed one time (or maybe more) you re-covered the seat of a chair and made it look super simple, so I decided that I could do this, too. I bought my first staple gun and everything! The chair wasn't awful looking from the beginning, but the cushion was really thin and I wanted more stuffing. It also didn't match my house very well. So here are a bunch of pictures of all my steps along the way because I know you like pictures. (Good girl, Erin!) It isn't absolutely perfect, but I am really happy with it! Thanks for the inspiration!


Three things:

1. Who doesn’t love a gray & white chevron? Great pick!
2. I’m dying over Erin’s pink needle nose pliers. Gimme, gimme.
3. Go, girl, go! Such a simple DIY. Erin did an amazing job, and this just goes to show that there is never an excuse for putting up with a seat cushion that doesn’t rock your socks.

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0 Around Town: The Packet House Grill

>> Thursday, September 27, 2012

Recently a new Little Rock hotspot, The Packet House Grill, opened its doors for business and when there is new food in town, I’m always up for giving it a whirl.

The Packet House has been a Little Rock landmark for well over a century but has been sitting empty for quite some time while waiting on a new owner to come along and give it the facelift it deserved…now we are talking food and renovation? You know I’m pumped!

Last year, the plan for the Packet House Grill was put into the works and the boyfriend and I had the chance to stop by earlier this week to see it in action.

Now, forgive me for the dark photos. First of all, it was night. Second of all, a couple glasses of wine over dinner makes for a clumsy photographer.

Gah-orgeous stained glass windows greet you as you head to the front porch…

And this is where the fun really starts. Holy purple chandy. This killer chandelier will grab anyone’s attention…


There are several dining rooms and the room that we were seated in was perfection. Cozy curtains, rich purples, local artwork, snuggly pillows, comfy bench seating, warm drum shades…A completely refreshing, and somewhat unexpected, look judging solely from the traditional exterior…


The decor was yummy but the best news? So was the food! I went with the pork chop, boyfriend had the duck and we gobbled down crab cakes to start. I could have eaten an entire bowl full of the lemony arugula on top of the crabby cake…

Photo Sep 25, 7 21 56 PMPhoto Sep 25, 7 55 54 PMPhoto Sep 25, 8 18 22 PMPhoto Sep 25, 8 18 27 PM

We wrapped up our date night with an after dinner glass of vino at the bar before they closed for the evening…


Luckily, we weren’t the only stragglers hanging around to soak up all they could before the doors closed for the night…


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0 At Home in Arkansas Guest Post: Hob Knobbin’

>> Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Head on over to At Home in Arkansas magazine’s blog to catch my monthly Before & After with Cara Wilkerson post. Today we’re hob knobbin’ with, well, knobs! Pretty little porcelain knobs, shiny chic contemporary knobs, we’ve got ‘em covered…


With all the before and after projects happening around my house/construction site, every now and then I pick up on a few tends among my trash-to-treasure transformations. Nearly every diamond in the rough undergoes some form of the deep cleaning/sanding ritual that we do-it-yourselfers know all to well, but another DIY theme that keeps popping up in my projects is the use of pretty little knobs to add a smidge of spice.

Let’s dig a little deeper, shall we?

click here for the full post.


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0 Just Sold: 1823 N McKinley

>> Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Congratulations to the Brickers on their newest investment property! This precious little charmer in the Heights was a great find for this cute family and as repeat clients, they are always a blast to work with.

1823 N McKinley_sold

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0 Table Talk: South of the Border DIY

>> Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just because I’m taking the week to recap my recent Mexican adventures does not mean that furniture flipping inspiration is going by the wayside. Oh no, my friends. There was plenty of DIY inspiration south of the border.

One such tidbit of inspiration was hard to ignore at Zamas, one of the cutest little beach bars in Tulum, Mexico.

Dining tables were painted an assortment of fun colors with a variety of beach creatures scratched/etched right into the paint. Fish, pelicans, coral, you name it and you could eat on it. So fun and (seemingly) so simple. You betcha that this do-it-yourself method is tucked away in my brain bank.


Pretty stinkin’ cute right? I thought so, and while I’m not in need of another table for my own house, I’m dreaming up some pretty fab wall art ideas.

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2 La Buena Vida

>> Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Put me near a plane, train or automobile and I am down for zipping off to just about anywhere they will take me, but Mexico is my jam. When I close my eyes after a loooong day and pray to open them to find myself in the middle of my own little heaven on earth, La Buena Vida in Akumal, Mexico is the place I would land. If you ever find yourself in Akumal, swing by this little beach bar and see what I mean…


La Buena Vida is not a new discovery for me since this was my 5th visit to Akumal, but one of my biggest thrills of the trip was seeing how much my beach bum boyfriend also loved this sandy Mecca for other gringos like me craving a cold drink and the sound of waves rocking them into total relaxation.

Mark my words. My ashes will be smuggled into the country and scattered here even if it means depositing them slowly via a Tim Robbins/Andy Dufresne hole-in-the-pocket maneuver a la Shawshank Redemption.

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0 Before & After Mexico Style

>> Monday, September 17, 2012


A little bit morbid but a lot a bit delish…



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0 Just Sold: The McFarland’s Bachelorette Pad

A big congratulations to Aaron & Melanie on the sale of their home! A few months back, these newlyweds bought a home together and I was put to the task of selling Melanie’s bachelorette pad. I’ve worked with this fun duo a couple of times before and was pumped to help them get this one sold…and we did!

59 Gleneagle_sold

As for what’s going on in my neck of the woods, I’m back from a fab-u-lous Mexican getaway and can’t wait to share a few (dozen) pics from my time in paradise. I'll do my best to sneak in a special vacay before & after later this afternoon.

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