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>> Saturday, September 1, 2012

One of the main ways we make a house into a home is through inviting friends and family to spend time with us in the place we love most, but who says entertaining has to be a chore? Playing hostess can be easy and elegant without the stress. By centering a home’s design around relaxed fun and function, casual gatherings create the memories that make our home life so enjoyable. Here are a few rules I live by to keep life easy, do-it-yourself elegant and full of entertainment.

Buy what you like. I’m a big believer that your home should be a reflection of you. I am far from an interior designer, but once I pushed those pesky “I don’t know what looks good” thoughts to the side and focused on what really catches my eye, my personal style started to take shape. Although not all of my decor decisions will float everyone’s boat, I love that every inch of my home is a reflection of me.

White linens. Towels and bed linens in shades of white are a must in my house. Especially since I’ve been known to double bath towels as a means to polish muddy puppy paws, having the option to bleach away dirt and grime to bring them back to nearly new is a lifesaver.


Dine easy. Forget the five course meals, some of the most fun nights are spent sipping wine with good friends gathered around a few chunks of bread, fruit and cheese.

History lessons. Outfit your space with family hand-me-downs and finds from past travels. Home decor is so much more fun with a story behind it, and what is easier than going shopping in Grandma’s attic or more fun than combing the beach for coral and shells to fill that bowl that’s been sitting empty on your coffee table?


Get by with a little help from your friends. Last week a few friends that I hadn’t seen in far too long and I made plans to get together for dinner and to watch a mutually shared trash TV addiction. Alas, day of, the wonderful hostess was under the weather just enough that she didn’t want to cancel plans with her gal pals but slaving over a home cooked meal sounded like the least possible amount of fun. Solution? Frozen lasagna, salad and wine arriving with friends and a good time had by all.

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