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>> Friday, September 28, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, an email from my pal, Erin, landed in my inbox. I am always over the moon excited to hear from her, but I was more than thrilled when she also sent pictures of her most recent do-it-yourself project. Let’s take a look…

Hey Cara, I always admire your skills as a DIYer and it seems like you make things look really easy on your blog. I noticed one time (or maybe more) you re-covered the seat of a chair and made it look super simple, so I decided that I could do this, too. I bought my first staple gun and everything! The chair wasn't awful looking from the beginning, but the cushion was really thin and I wanted more stuffing. It also didn't match my house very well. So here are a bunch of pictures of all my steps along the way because I know you like pictures. (Good girl, Erin!) It isn't absolutely perfect, but I am really happy with it! Thanks for the inspiration!


Three things:

1. Who doesn’t love a gray & white chevron? Great pick!
2. I’m dying over Erin’s pink needle nose pliers. Gimme, gimme.
3. Go, girl, go! Such a simple DIY. Erin did an amazing job, and this just goes to show that there is never an excuse for putting up with a seat cushion that doesn’t rock your socks.

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