0 Table Talk: South of the Border DIY

>> Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just because I’m taking the week to recap my recent Mexican adventures does not mean that furniture flipping inspiration is going by the wayside. Oh no, my friends. There was plenty of DIY inspiration south of the border.

One such tidbit of inspiration was hard to ignore at Zamas, one of the cutest little beach bars in Tulum, Mexico.

Dining tables were painted an assortment of fun colors with a variety of beach creatures scratched/etched right into the paint. Fish, pelicans, coral, you name it and you could eat on it. So fun and (seemingly) so simple. You betcha that this do-it-yourself method is tucked away in my brain bank.


Pretty stinkin’ cute right? I thought so, and while I’m not in need of another table for my own house, I’m dreaming up some pretty fab wall art ideas.

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