1 DIY Bib Necklace How-To…and How-Not-To: Part 4

>> Saturday, May 1, 2010

Playing catch up? No worries. Here is what you missed…

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With just two flower varieties left to make, let’s focus on this one today…

Thanks again to Oliver for volunteering to serve as our model.


First, trace & cut out five circles. I went with circles about the size of the top of a water glass….


Next, sew all five circles just as we did to make the flowers in Part 1


Once secure, turn each flower on its side and flatten to form the shape of a petal. Then, string the petals together on a piece of tread…



Tie the two ends of your thread together to form the shape of a flower…

Sew a button or spiral flower from Part 3 to the center to cover exposed thread…

Tada! This one’s a wrap…

Note to the seamstress (that’s you!): No need to include all of the different types of flowers in your necklace—unless you’re just feeling super crafty. Found one or two flower designs that you have really gotten the hang of? You can absolutely create a beautiful masterpiece using just a couple of different types of flowers. We’re just laying out all of the options before we assemble our necklace. Happy crafting!



Jill,  May 1, 2010 at 1:58 PM  

This flower is really cute. My favorite so far.

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