2 DIY Bib Necklace How-To…and How-Not-To: The Finale

>> Tuesday, May 11, 2010

True confession. I gave up on this flower pattern…


The fabric I used wouldn’t stop unraveling around the edges, and instead of stressing over how to make it work, I moved on with the bounty of flowers I’d already crafted over the past couple of weeks. You know what that means: Time to assemble our DIY bib necklace!

(Missed out on parts 1-4? Click here for the crash course.)

Here we go. First, take all of the flowers and play with an arrangement until you find one that suits you…
 IMG_5587 IMG_5708 
Find a thick piece of fabric (I used a scrap piece of fabric left over from this DIY upholstery project) and place your necklace arrangement on the fabric to make sure it fits…

Sew each flower one-by-one to the fabric. Don’t worry if the back doesn’t look too hot…


Once all of your flowers are sewn, carefully cut around the flowers so that the fabric is not visible from the front…

IMG_5719 IMG_5720 
Lovely! Now just attach your chain with a few stitches, and it’s a wrap…

IMG_5723 IMG_5725
Not very glamorous from the back, I know, but this bib necklace sure is a gem from the front, if I do say so myself…

Who’s our model, you ask? Why, that’s just an old childhood friend. You’ll get to know her a bit better once we start spilling our guts about our shabby-to-earth-friendly-chic guest bedroom. Stay tuned!



Jamie,  May 11, 2010 at 8:16 AM  

Wow! I love the necklace and the mannequin. I always wanted one.

Live the Home Life May 11, 2010 at 1:28 PM  

Thank you and thank you! I have to admit that I gave my non-sewing self a tiny pat on the back for this one. Also, we can't wait to share the rest of our guestroom with you!


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