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>> Thursday, October 27, 2011

Last week we touched on my next not-so-glamorous task of installing trim in my den. Knocking out the most tedious task first, I needed to prep both door frames leading from the hallway to the den and also from the den to kitchen.

Den Trim_10

Den Trim_12

Both frames originally had doors, but I wanted to keep the opening feeling, well, open, so the doors had to go and the notches where the hinges took residence filled. The end goal is a clean doorway just like this one in my living room…

Den Trim_14

Time to get to work. Before the focus went entirely to filling the scars from the door hinges, a stray bit of trim running down the middle of the doorways needed to be removed.

Den Trim_7

Den Trim_13

First, I used a box cutter to run a seam separating  the paint. Then, a spackling knife and hammer pried the trim away from the frame.

Den Trim_5   

Den Trim_4

Now on to filling the notches…

Den Trim_15Den Trim_16

A few wood shims, nails and wood filler were all it would take…and a smidge of patience.

Den Trim_17

First I cut the wood shims to fit the notches…

Den Trim_18

Secured with a couple of nails…

Den Trim_20

And used wood filler to cover any gaps, cracks and nail holes.

Den Trim_3

Den Trim_1

Once the filler was good and dry, a few swipes with a sanding block left a smooth surface ready for painting.

Den Trim_2

Check back soon as I keep pushing my den towards trim perfection!



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