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>> Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The boring, unglamorous details.

Now that I’m in the full kitchen remodel swing of things—I’m talking the entire contents of my pantry in the dining room and kitchen appliances stacked in the living room—it feels really good checking the big items off of my to-do list. Countertops ordered? Check. Cabinet making in progress? Done, son. But I’ve quickly come to realize (or quickly forced myself out of denial about) the ten little tiny steps that come along with every big kitchen remodel milestone.

For example…before my helpful cabinet fella could start hanging my lovely new cabinet doors, all of the screw holes from the old hinges had to be filled. Simple enough but one more tiny hurdle to leap over nonetheless.

Kitchen remodel_3

So using a little wood filler I already had laying around from a previous project, I scooted myself into the kitchen and got to work filling…

Kitchen remodel_13

Kitchen remodel_10

Once dry, a few swipes with medium grit sandpaper…

Kitchen remodel_9

…a once over with a clean cloth to remove the dust left behind…

Kitchen remodel_11

…and the holes are filled and ready for priming.

Kitchen remodel_12

One mini-project down…more than I’m able to count on my fingers and toes to go.



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