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>> Monday, January 30, 2012


Remember the one time I went two whole years living in this construction site of mine without a microwave? I do, and during the span of 24 months, a girl gets pretty used to heating up leftovers in the oven and actually putting a tea kettle to good use (think dark ages)…but when all appliances are plucked from your kitchen thanks to a remodel and cold sandwiches and takeout become the norm, that girl begins to dream of the day new appliances would join in on all this rehabbing fun…especially that microwave I’ve become to so accustomed to living without.

Friends and family have threatened to buy me a countertop microwave for every birthday & Christmas since I’ve moved into my house, but I’ve refused for three main reasons:

1. Countertop clutter makes me itch with anxiety. The last thing I needed was a chunky appliance hanging out in the corner of my kitchen taking up precious counter space.

2. The master plan from the second I closed on my house was to mount a microwave hood above the range once I kicked off the kitchen remodel, so a microwave hanging out on my kitchen counter would be a complete waste and one more thing I’d have to get rid of during the overhaul.

3. I am stubborn. If I suddenly find that I can’t live without a microwave, I’ll buy one myself.

…Which is exactly what happened. You’ve never seen a girl so excited about the delivery of two cardboard boxes. This is a fact.


My range can remain snug in its box for a little while longer, but that microwave? It had to come out pronto. Even though I’m not quite ready to mount that bad boy, EZ mac is calling…

...and there is no better place to whip up a bowl of instant mac & cheese than in the middle of a living room.




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