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>> Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Today the sweet, sweet sounds of cabinet making are pouring out of my kitchen. (That sounded a little dirty and I liked it.) Cue the progress pics!…

Kitchen Demo_21Kitchen Demo_22
Ok, so technically no new cabinetry has been installed yet BUT these demo pics do provide me with the perfect segue into something this blog has been missing all too much lately. An amateur sketch, of course!

Here we go. Prepare yourself for a terrible representation that I am nonetheless still patting myself on the back for of what this chunk of my kitchen will look like when all is said and done…


New cabinetry? A real live microwave? An oven that doesn’t decide on its own what temperature it will cook muffins even though you clearly told it to hang tight at 400 degrees?

Yeah, buddy. Things are looking up.



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