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>> Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The crafty powerhouse, How About Orange, never ceases to send me into a fit of jealousy over the latest in do-it-yourself inspiration. The recent post on DIY totes was no exception and sent my mind spinning: I have a sewing machine! (That I’ve used exactly 2 times in my adult life). My DIY ADD will definitely allow time to learn to sew AND whip up a perfectly stitched tote or two! (It’s not like I have 343 other partially completed projects in the works)…forget reason. I’ve found that envy is a much stronger source of motivation.

Out of the four DIY tote bags, I clearly fall in love with the most challenging…

I can just picture myself travelling around some fantastically chilly European city this fall with my new companion slung over my shoulder…


…but, let’s be honest here. This project may be a bit more compatible with my sewing skill level…


…Ok, fine. This one may be the only feasible option…

…but I will love every toting second of it.



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