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>> Monday, June 6, 2011

You LTHL old timers already know, but in case you are new to this neck of the blog-o-sphere, you need to know that my mind runs at a million miles an hour every second of every day. It explains a lot. As a result, I forget nearly everything and depend on a life knee-deep in to-do lists to keep my head on straight. Post-its in my day planner. Alerts on my iPhone. Highly detailed and prioritized Microsoft Outlook complete with a folder for nearly every person I’ve met in my entire life…

Friends make fun of my lack luster memory and overly detailed excel spreadsheets, but

I have a system and it works for me…most of the time. Until wires cross and my mind starts to overheat. At which point, I do one of three things.

#1 Vacate…as in to sunny sandy tropical places when funds allow.

#2 Walk…around my neighborhood singing to songs that only aid in further enabling my neighbors’ suspicions about my sanity. I blame Apple and all of their i-things for this one.

#3 Google…God’s gift to visual learning blog nerds like myself.

On my Monday afternoon coffee break, I opted for #3…Today’s Google Image keywords of choice: Simple Rooms.

I feel more organized already…

…and encouraged that this dining room light fixture needs to be knocked-off DIY style. My wheels are turning…

…in my next house, I will have an all white room complete with an Astroturf lawn and a house slipper-wearing schnauzer-terrier mix to keep it as such…


…and when the day comes (many MANY moons from now) for me to have offspring, their rooms will look exactly like this. Always. Moms, don’t you dare smash my rose-colored glasses… 


I feel better already and during my midday start-to-finish Google coffee break, I only added 8 more items to my to-do list.



Shelby,  June 6, 2011 at 3:02 PM  

Man you make me laugh!! What a good way to start of Monday by reading your blog. I missed Friday's post about the dog picture. That was funny too!

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