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>> Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The moment a potential buyer enters your house--no, rewind. The moment a potential buyer pulls into your driveway, they begin to ask if they could see themselves making your house their next home. Hopefully, the answer is "Yes! I cannot live without this amazing house. Let's make an offer immediately!" Your home sells and all are happy.

We all know that this is not always the case. Not every buyer falls in love with every home they see. BUT you can make your home more appealing by staging your home in a way that appeals to a larger number of buyers. Let's check out a few staging before and afters that make a living room more "buyer friendly":

This stale living room, with window treatments blocking natural light, was transformed into an inviting space. Tall window draperies now unify the color scheme while adding dramatic height and light. A few simple accessories tie the look together.

Soaring cathedral ceilings and a cozy fireplace were emphasized in this room with improved furniture placement, properly scaled artwork, and vertically-striped window treatments that call the eye's attention to the height of the space.

What a difference the right furnishings made in this townhouse! A living room can be created in even the smallest setting. This space took on an entirely new look with just a few small furniture pieces and colorful accessories.

A note from the Realtors:

There is no need to rush out and spend a fortune on items to stage your home. Many times what you need already belongs to you. Decide which furniture pieces are most presentable, properly scaled to the room, and fit the purpose of the space you are defining. Nothing makes a room feel smaller than a sofa that occupies half of your valuable living room space.



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