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>> Sunday, May 31, 2009

Here's the good news. It's fairly simple to stage a bedroom, because most bedrooms have only limited furniture. So home staging in a bedroom will normally involve the simple tasks of painting the walls a neutral color, rearranging furniture and adding light decor.

Remember, potential buyers are not coming into your house to see how you live, but to see how this house might allow them to live. Most buyers are also looking for something larger than what they currently have, so one of the main goals is to make the bedrooms appear as large as possible. With a few staging tricks, you can bring your bedrooms to their maximum potential.

Before, this bedroom was overcrowded with too much furniture that covered the beautiful hardwood floors. By removing all unnecessary furniture and swapping the old comforter with new, luxurious linens this bedroom is transformed into a relaxing retreat.

This empty bedroom does little to inspire a potential buyer, but by adding a bed adorned with plush pillows and a neutral comforter, this room becomes an excellent spot for guests to unwind during their stay. The simple conversation set added to the courtyard brings attention to the outdoor space accompanying this bedroom.

By removing the toys and "unbunking" the bunk beds buyers are offered the option of a lovely guest room instead of a space defined for the use of children only. I probably would have recommended painting the blue walls a more neutral color as well...

By raising the window treatments, removing a few large pieces of furniture and centering the bed with the windows, this room becomes a light and bright space. It is also important to note the difference a nicely made bed makes. Again, I would have also opted to tone down the pink walls, but still a major improvement!

Once your bedrooms are staged and ready to show, be sure to keep them tidy. Dust under and around the bed to keep your floors shining, and be sure to clear all bedside tables of everything except for a few necessary items such as your alarm clock. Now you're ready to bring on the buyers!



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