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>> Thursday, June 21, 2012

The first and most basic lesson of DIY 101 is to gather all of the supplies you need for any project on the frontend. Nothing ruins DIY fun faster than having to make multiple trips to the hardware to store to pick up parts and pieces. I’m guilty of not always following that rule and jumping feet first into a spur of the moment project, but for my mirror revamp, I decided to be good little handy girl and follow the rules.

One boring wall mirror?…Check! I went with a frameless mirror so that I wouldn’t have to pry the mirror from the frame, but if your mirror is not as naked as mine, follow Shanty 2 Chic’s guide to de-framing your mirror.


18 feet of 1 x 8 white wood?…Got it!


Liquid nails, gorilla glue, wood stain and a staple gun?…Everyone’s here so let’s do this already!


Here’s hoping I can pry myself away from Real Housewives of (name that city) to check this mirror makeover off of the ol’ to-do list. If all goes well, there will be after pics for you tomorrow. Fingers crossed and praying to the DIY gods.



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