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>> Monday, June 25, 2012

With all the before and after projects happening around my house/construction site, every now and then I pick up on a few tends among my trash-to-treasure transformations. Nearly every diamond in the rough undergoes some form of the deep cleaning/sanding ritual that we do-it-yourselfers know all to well, but another DIY theme that keeps popping up in my projects is the use of pretty little knobs to add a smidge of spice.

Let’s dig a little deeper, shall we?…

The simplest update on the list comes in the form of this darling (yet still kinda boring) little table. Nothing like a porcelain knob to help this table step it up a bit.


My very first furniture flip to hit the blog-o-sphere, this once decrepit dresser was transformed into shiny chic buffet with a few coats of glossy red paint and contemporary knobs.

Red Dresser Rehab 001
IMG_8593 IMG_5785

Not too long after I moved into my little fixer upper, I decided that the mailbox needed a facelift in a major way, and a few lettered knobs direct from the aisles of Hobby Lobby got in on the action. Using a power drill to make evenly spaced holes, the knobs gave the freshly painted mailbox the edge it needed.

Mailbox Before
Mailbox After3IMG_7230

And then there was the time I couldn’t stand the sight of the original knobs on this dresser. I thought they looked cheap and weird and just had to go…


Until I gave the piece a fresh coat of paint and decided that I actually liked the little suckers.


And there we have it. The tale of my construction site one knob at a time. It’s amazing what a big impact these little cuties can have. Until next time, happy living!


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