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>> Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I’ve been itching for another DIY project and ever since I spotted Shanty 2 Chic’s super simple full length mirror DIY, I can’t stop dreaming of the day I too can have a perfectly perfect full length mirror knock off that I’m entirely too cheap to pay $200+ retail for. Not to mention, it’s also becoming increasing more difficult to coordinate outfits without the proper mirrors to assist, as evidenced by a recent attempt to send a friend a picture of her bridesmaid dress with shoe combos. Ankles could have (and probably should have) broken.


Naturally, this mirror DIY was the perfect fit.

Step 1: Find cheap-o mirror to spruce the hell out of.

After a solid 10 minutes spent in the mirror aisle of Walmart trying to match mirrors to their corresponding price tags, I settled on this lovely little beveled beauty. With a little makeup and the right accessories she is going to rock the Rehabilitation Station.


Check back soon as I get busy giving this mirror the sass it deserves. If you want to follow along, grab a mirror and let’s do this!



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