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>> Thursday, May 17, 2012

Remember this adorable little fella that made his debut in the LTHL Shop earlier in the week?


Ever since he rolled into the construction site, those big sad eyes have been killing me. Sure, I talk all the time about how my furniture rehab projects “speak” to me, but no rehabbed dining chair has ever had such a pitiful gaze. I couldn’t take it any more. This nugget was next in line for a trip to the Rehabilitation Station.

On a whim, I remembered that I had a half empty can of white gloss spray paint let over from a recent lamp revamp


…and I always have a sheet of plywood hanging around the backyard (much to the confusion of my yard guy: I mean, Cara? You do realize you’re crushin’ any hope of growing grass in this part of the yard don’tcha?) for impromptu spray paint emergencies just like this one…


I felt the stars align and it was high time this little guy found himself a permanent perch in this construction site of mine.


I think this is the part of the post where I officially proclaim this little find as SOLD.



Rachel,  May 17, 2012 at 3:01 PM  

The owls looks so cute painted white. I would have kept it too!

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