0 Just Sold: Jason & Amanda’s First Nest

>> Friday, April 6, 2012

A big congratulations to Jason & Amanda on their very first home! Now I love all of my buyers, but first time buyers hold a special place in my home loving heart. They are always a bundle of excitement and this cute couple was no exception.

Yesterday at closing, Jason said he had no idea that when we all three first met in January to kick off the home search that they would be closing on their first house this quickly. Amanda and I couldn’t help but sneak in a grin. We obviously had other plans. What can I say? When the perfect house comes along, you grab it! And Jason & Amanda did just that.


See, I told you they were cute. And I think it comes as no surprise when I tell you the idea for the next pose was all Jason’s idea…


Congrats again to Jason & Amanda!



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