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>> Thursday, April 19, 2012

I know this blog has been a little heavy in the yuck department this week (with the moldy banana post and rotting insect carcasses) so let’s dedicate today to focusing on the pretty.

Nothing revs me up for kicking off a home project more than daydreaming of what the final product will look like. Since my soon-to-be-oh-so-fab laundry room will not only serve as place for washing clothes but also as June Bug’s puppy palace, I’ve had a ton of fun with Pinterest and Google Images lately.

Let’s take today to fantasize…

Shelves with baskets will definitely be working their way into the mix…


I feel good about wallpaper in two very specific areas of the house: half baths and laundry rooms. Maybe, I should bring a fun print into my new laundry room—not this print. Definitely a different print…


Love the framed Whirlpool and Tide ads from long, long ago—even though my washer is Maytag and I’m waaaaay too cheap to buy something fancy like Tide.


June loves an ikat print. Like mother like daughter…


But really it doesn’t get any better than this DIY goodness (or just pick one up on Etsy)…


Too cute. June needs one of these personalized puppy canvases from Red Envelope ASAP. I wonder if they can whip one up for a schnauzer-and-some-kind-of-terrier-but-who-really-knows-which-one mix?…


Oh, dear. The wheels are starting to crank and the demo itch is creeping back up on me. I’m determined to finish out this week with zero signs of construction debris, but next week, we’ll talk.



Carolyn,  April 20, 2012 at 9:28 AM  

Yay for inspiration!! It is going to look great!

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