1 Master Bath Vanity: Recap

>> Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Feeling like a home renovating procrastinator? You’re not alone, my friend. Remember my unfortunate master bath complete with grungy tile, a leaky shower pan and 70s wallpaper?

A few months ago the entire space was gutted, shower pan replaced, shower ceiling raised, plumbing reworked to accommodate double sinks and a higher shower head, shower and floor retiled, electrical updated, sheetrock replaced, and walls painted…and not a smidge has changed since…nothing…


…until now! After my home ADD got the better of me—and several other DIY projects were knocked out around my house, thank you very much, just none of them having anything to do with this bathroom—I’m now back on track. A soon-to-be glorious floating double vanity is already in the works!


Let’s revisit the game plan…


Unfortunately, I’m typing away from my office and my camera with shots of the vanity-in-progress is resting happily on my dining room table. Photos to come!…tomorrow.



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