1 Master Bath Vanity: The Great Stain Experiment

>> Thursday, November 11, 2010

Now that the frame for my master bath vanity is looking flawless thanks to the amazing talent of my Dad, time to choose a stain for the countertop.


According to my coworkers with kiddos of their own, apparently it’s science fair season around these parts and just for kicks, I whipped up a little experiment of my own.


Two wood choices: oak and aspen…mind you oak is twice the price of its lighter counterpart.

Two stains: water & oil based…


Oak & aspen in Minwax American Walnut water-based stain…


Even after several coats, the water-based stain just wasn’t working for me. I wanted something richer. Let’s hope the oil-based stain is up for the challenge.

Oak and aspen in Minwax Dark Walnut oil-based stain…


Oh yes, my friend. Now we’re talkin. While the oak is beautiful, it’s a bit more red than what I had in mind, so it turns out that aspen paired with an oil-based stain is the true love of my life.

Check back soon to see the countertop in progress!



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