1 This & That: Fog & Over Priced Product Endorsement

>> Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I’m definitely a morning person. Not a super early bird that tries to catch every worm at 4:00 am, but an early riser that can appreciate the healing power of a hot cup of coffee especially on a foggy day like today…


Every morning person’s dream, particularly when you gave yourself the day off. Unfortunately during my self-appointed days off, emails and to-do lists tempt me more than sitting around idly, but that’s perfectly alright since I have a foggy morning, breakfast and a half burnt Thymes Frasier Fur candle to keep me company. Don’t have one of these scented bad boys? Drop what you are doing and get your holiday started right! Warning: you may have to empty your firstborn’s college fund to afford one, but if this cheapskate endorses an over priced candle you know it’s worth it.



Hope ya’ll have a fabulous Wednesday wrapping up the short work week and getting in gear for friends, family and football!



Anne,  November 24, 2010 at 12:42 PM  

Super foggy this morning!

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