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>> Thursday, July 1, 2010

Girlfriends are the best. Don’t allow tricky (yet still wonderfully entertaining) movies like Mean Girls to lead you astray.

My sweet friend Kristin surprised me yesterday with this beautiful orchid. A lovely treat that brought with it a warmed heart and happy grin…

IMG_6466 IMG_6462   

Pretty, right? That cannot be disputed. But what is still in question is how long this brown thumb will be able to keep this dandy alive. I need your best orchid advice.

Kristin pitched in with a few tips via the workhorse that is Google…


Put your orchids where they'll get plenty of light, but out of direct sun. (I can do this. Feeling confident.)

Origin: India, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands. (No wonder orchids like sunlight. Gotta work on that tan, girl.)

Grouping plants helps to maintain the necessary humidity required of orchids.

(Obviously a social plant. I’ll round up a few leafy friends, throw together a fertilizer cocktail or two and leave the kids to get to know each other a bit better.)

By far the most important tip from my buddy Kristin…

My Grandma has one and says they are hard to kill. (Grandma approved? If G-ma can do it, so I can I!)



Olivia,  July 1, 2010 at 8:33 PM  

Never had an orchid :( but maybe sometime soon and I'll have a few pointers to help keep it from dying!

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