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>> Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Capitol View/Stifft's Station neighborhood is the result of Little Rock's early 20th century westward growth. Located west of the Arkansas State Capitol, Capitol View and Stifft's Station were the combined result of numerous additions to, what was at the time, western Little Rock. Capitol View is the eastern part of this historic neighborhood. 

Capitol View Map

The architecture of the Capitol View Historic District is, like the entire Capitol View/Stifft's Station neighborhood, predominately Craftsman, Craftsman Bungalow, and Bungalow with modest Tudor or Colonial Revival detailing.

Capitol View_115 Dennison Capitol View_Sixth Street

The absence of commercial intrusion, reasonable real estate prices and an active neighborhood association have invigorated its renewal and encouraged its residents’ fondness of the neighborhood.

The features which made the area attractive to buyers in the first quarter of the century continue today—proximity to the downtown business district, plentiful shade trees and, for those homeowners along the ridge overlooking the river, a panoramic view of the Arkansas River.



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