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>> Thursday, July 2, 2009

Every room in your home has a traditional purpose that it must be returned to while your home is on the market. You wouldn't want to put a treadmill in the dining room or have your office in the kitchen. That would definitely send a confusing message to potential buyers.

To prepare your dining room for tip-top selling condition, clear out everything except the dining room table and a few chairs. Depending on the size of the dining room, for small to medium, have no more than 4 chairs. Even if your dining room table will seat 16, for the time being you will want it collapsed down as small as possible.

The only other piece of furniture in the room (if you must) is a china cabinet, sideboard, or buffet--but only one. Everything else goes into storage. Just a couple of furniture pieces will be enough to define the space and make the room feel as large as possible.

There should also be a nice light fixture centered over the table. If you have a chandelier that was installed when the house was built in the 1950s, it's probably time to upgrade to a more stylish fixture. Luckily, replacing a chandelier is a relatively easy and inexpensive fix.

The table should always be clean and decluttered. Don't go overboard with place settings. Neutral plates and napkins are fine, but aren't necessary. An attractive, yet modest centerpiece is welcoming, and fresh flowers are always a great option.

Below are a few examples of nicely staged dining rooms with just enough furniture and decor to define the space...

Now buyers are ready to enter your home and can immediately imagine themselves entertaining guests in their new dining room.



Allison,  July 2, 2009 at 2:20 PM  

Thanks for the tips. I am now looking around m dining room and rethinking at few things :)

Eric and Cara Wilkerson July 5, 2009 at 7:50 PM  

Glad we could provide a few handy hints. But remember, how you stage a house is not necessary practical for every day living. Staging is meant to define a space and help buyers to imagine themselves living in a home. The way we stage is usually not really the way we live--but it sure can do wonders to help sell a house!

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