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>> Thursday, August 23, 2012

…but I am incredibly Pinterest friendly, so I feel this post applies. If you are like me, you spend so much time drooling over Pinterest food boards that you can practically feel your appetite expanding and your waste band tightening—It’s amazing what can be cooked in a crockpot!

Every now and then I attempt to give the seemingly less time consuming (and less skill requiring) recipes a try. This DIYer has little time to slave away over a hot stove (see how I tied this clearly food related post back into the central theme of this blog? Nice.)

Let’s review the winners and the wieners from my experiences with Pinterest food boards, shall we?


Creamy garlic pasta: Holy moly, was this one a winner! If you like cream and you like garlic and you like pasta, then I have your next addiction…


Garlic & lemon chicken with potatoes and green beans: I could eat this every. single. day. You throw everything into one dish, toss it in the oven and an hour and a half later (or something like that) it’s time to chow down. It’s very lemony, which I love, but I may tone it down just a smidge next time.


Roasted carrots with paprika, chili, garlic & cinnamon: Technically, I didn’t make these. My sister did, but I ate them. That counts and they were delicious.


And now for the I-can’t-believe-I-even-made-a-special-trip-to-Kroger-for-these-ingredients wiener recipes…

Chicken fried rice: This one claimed to be “better than takeout” chicken fried rice. This girl didn’t think so. Bland as could be…but don’t think I still didn’t make a happy plate…and eat leftovers.


Easy salmon in a bag: It was easy alright (and now that I think about it neither the name nor the picture is very appetizing) but I think the suggested oven temp was too low because this salmon was as raw as the day it came out of the water when I pulled it out of the oven.


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Kate August 23, 2012 at 3:21 PM  

I think this should be an ongoing series! I'm so skeptical of all those "miracle" recipes.

Cara @ Live the Home Life August 23, 2012 at 3:24 PM  

You don't have to twist my arm to eat! I'll keep you posted on my real life experience in the kitchen with Pinterest. The lemon chicken really was amazing though.


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