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>> Monday, August 13, 2012

With as many coats of paint slapped on these walls and fixer-upper projects that I’ve tackled around my own construction site, one DIY I’ve yet to participate in is nursery prep. Now that my name will proudly boast an “Aunt” in front of it in just a handful of months, I’m pumped about getting down to baby decorating business with my preggo sister.

Jessica has been busy picking fabrics for weeks, and yesterday she finally gave me permission to come over and help her brainstorm/tear to shreds the what-was-once-a-guest-room-but-shall-soon-be-nothing-less-than-baby-wonderland. We measured, we schemed DIY projects, we referenced Pinterest, we plotted how to knock off precious but entirely too expensive curtains…

Photo Aug 12, 4 29 29 PM
Not much to see in this before pic, but one thing is for sure. Baby already has a killer Container Store closet. #jealousauntie

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