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>> Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School

Even though I’m long past my school-aged days, I still get butterflies when back to school time rolls back around each year. While the need to sharpen pencils and organized folders by class subject is long gone and no carpool is honking outside to pick me up for another day of pop quizzes and reading lists, the desire to keep on learning is still going strong. After all, that’s what do-it-yourself is all about.

In the DIY world, very few of us know exactly where to start when it comes to changing out a light fixture or revamping an old dresser, but with a little research (mainly in the form of Google) and a smidge of elbow grease, we learn something new and have the amazing “I did it!” feeling as our version of an A+. The proud feeling that comes from completing a project is what every DIY-er will tell you keeps them coming back for more. So to all the DIY-ers out there, keep on learning. Keep on creating. Keep on making every day the first day of school.

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