0 Just a Thought: National S’more Day

>> Friday, August 10, 2012

I’ve been craving fall all week. First burning a pumpkin scented candle. Then pinning soup recipes left and right on Pinterest (with the odds highly in favor of them never actually being made) and now to top off the fall madness, today is National S’more Day.

I’m in and so is Amy Atlas with her killer s’more making spread


National S’more Day is definitely penciled into August’s calendar for a reason. This time of year, we are all just about over the heat and the sweat and the inability to do anything outside for the two previously mentioned reasons—other than dunk ourselves in swimming pools hot enough to qualify as bathwater. The thought of fall’s most delicious dessert keeps hope alive that one day we will be back outside, roaming around in our fall boots, curled up with a blanket next to a toasty campfire roasting away a endless supply of marshmallows.

Come on fall. You’ve got a friend here.



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