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>> Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It’s definitely a true story that nothing excites me quite like when before & after photos pop up in my inbox from those of you gracious enough to suffer through my blog ramblings, but when Caio & Sarah sent their progress pics from the weekend, I went into a full out frenzy.

Why all the fuss? Let’s dig right into it.

Welcome to Caio & Sarah’s backyard. Super cute garden right? Just wait. These new homeowners (with a smidge of help from their family) had bigger plans in store for their weekend…

After a little clearing…



Tilling the soil to make rows…

And covering with weed cloth…

This couple’s backyard was prepped and ready for their very own soon-to-be veggie garden! Now that’s what I call a productive Saturday.

A big thanks to Caio & Sarah for sending their story my way, and of course they’ve been instructed to send the after after shots once their veggie garden is in full bloom…and before I leave you on this fine Wednesday, let’s visit what is by far the best after shot from Caio & Sarah’s gardening adventure…

The sock/dirt barrier line. Forget a spray tan. Just go roll around in the backyard for a bit.


Have a before & after story of your own? Click here to tell me all about it!


Hannah,  April 6, 2011 at 9:16 AM  

Wow. I wish I had a garden like that!! Fresh veggies are my favorite thing. My granny used to have the best garden when we were growing up and would go stay with her in the summer. It was so big!! or maybe we were just small!

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