0 Holiday Giveaway Winner: Part One

>> Thursday, November 12, 2009

imageThanks to everyone who entered the Holiday Giveaway: Part One—I am now referring to  this as “Part One” because I am sure a second holiday giveaway will show it’s lovely face before the season ends.

Now without further ado, congratulations goes out to The Doose’s! The Doose’s comment on what they love about the holiday season was randomly selected* as the winner of Hallmark’s Home for the Holiday’s coffee table book…

       I love apple cider and snuggling with Annie and Harold, of course!

Reading all of your comments really put me in the holiday spirit, and I look forward to Holiday Giveaway: Part Deux very soon!

Thanks for all of the entries, and happy living!


*Winner selected by random.org—for real, this was totally random! Yes, J Doose is my charmingly spunky red headed friend, but we’re not the Publisher’s Clearing House here people and friends and family are always encouraged to enter and win. You too, Mom!…even though I didn’t notice an entry from you this time. We’ll talk later.


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