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>> Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I’ve always been a big believer in the power of paint. It’s amazing what a few swipes of the paintbrush and a little elbow grease can accomplish. In fact, not only is it one of the easiest (or dare I say the easiest) way to revamp a space but also by far one of the most budget friendly.

Let’s take a look at how a few simple coats of paint brought new life to these before and after projects.

This desk rehab is a classic case of boring turned fabulous. Not only is this piece much improved with a solid coat of gray-blue paint, but the yellow dipped legs work wonders in giving the desk a fresh new look.

design sponge desk_beforedesign sponge desk_after
Pretty stinkin’ fabulous right? Let’s keep moving. There are more painted goodies in store for us…

As a Realtor, my work week is loaded with tours of rooms just like the one below. I’m no stranger to wood paneling, red brick fireplaces and dark and dismal built-ins (I’ve tackled all three of these hurdles in my own house) but one of my favorite things to do while helping buyers sift through potential houses is brainstorm how to bring rooms just like this one back to life with a few paint swatches. This before and after living room is a spot on example of how painted paneling and a couple coats of white paint can instantly bring a space from dated to desirable.

homemade ginger_beforehomemade ginger_after_2 
Nothing says drama like a beautiful stairway. By removing the old carpeting and painting the stairs and railing in alternating shades of black and white, this stairway is transformed into a chic centerpiece for the home.

your home only better_stairsbeforeandafter
And finally, we work our way into the kitchen. While painting kitchen cabinets does require a bit more patience than rolling a new hue onto a bedroom wall, the result is well worth the wait and definitely easy on the pocketbook. Take a look at how the kitchen below is given an entirely new look by only painting the cabinets a cozy gray.


Whether you are up for a simple do-it-yourself in the form of painting an old dresser or you are ready to take on a big project and tackle kitchen cabinets, the power of a can of paint cannot be ignored…Neither can the giggle of your hairdresser when she finds paint in your hair from a project completed weeks ago. Embarrassing, but totally worth it.

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Image sources: Desk | Living Room | Stairway | Kitchen


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