0 True Confession: Not a Know-It-All…Really

>> Monday, August 15, 2011

Around these parts, today is one of the happiest days of my year. Second to Christmas (and a certain LTHL blogger’s birthday…all fingers point to me) the first day of school is one of my best days. Sure, I’ve been out of the old classroom for quite some time now, but I still have a terribly difficult time fighting the compulsion to pick up a few school office supplies and couple pairs of new jeans this time of year...but let’s be honest with ourselves, 803 DIY blog posts in, it’s clear to all of us that I’m a word nerd and have a serious love affair with learning…which leads me to today’s true confession.

True Confession: I’m not a know-it-all…really.

While at first blog glance it may appear that I am an extreme do-it-yourself expert with a slew of rehabbing, restoring, and remodeling how-tos etched inside this brain of mine at birth, it’s all really just a bunch of smoke and mirrors. Sure I tackle and insane amount of DIY projects that I actually do complete on my own, but the large majority of them involve Google, YouTube how-to videos, and Am I doing this right? phone calls to Mom & Dad. Paired with my incredibly nerdy can’t-sleep-until-I’ve-learned-something-new-today compulsion and stubborn independence, it’s no wonder the first day of school still gives me butterflies. The chance to learn something new and pat yourself on the back for an accomplishment well deserved are the stuff my DIY dreams are made off.


…and because nothing gives me a kick quite like dragging out (slightly embarrassing) photos from the family vault, here’s a little back to school goodness circa 1992. Don’t worry, big sis has since had lasik and doesn’t have to haul around those specs any longer.

Back to School


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