2 Girl Talk: Kitchen Backsplash How-To

>> Thursday, July 12, 2012

DIY talk is no stranger to a conversation with any one of my friends, but especially those who either: A. just bought a house or B. are knee deep in remodeling their current pad. My buddy Jessica is smack dab in the middle of the latter and I was happy to talk through her DIY kitchen backsplash dilemma.

Question #1: Where do you start laying the tiles?

A great question—and a very important one! For most backsplash projects, you’ll want to start at the hub of the kitchen. In my case, and for many kitchens, that was centered underneath the window over the sink. Starting behind the faucet and working my way out from there to keep the tiles evenly sized on either side of the window.


Question #2: Where do you place the first row of tiles? Close to the countertops or directly underneath the cabinets?

Another important question! Always, always, always start your first row directly on top of the countertops. As you work your way up, you’ll most likely have to cut the tiles to fit in the highest row, just below the cabinets. Since the row closest to the counters are more visible, you want that row to boast full beautiful tiles…not the sad little cut tiles.

Kitchen Backsplash_2

See how the highest row, right next to the window, has tiles that had to be cut to fit?


To recap, start at the hub of your kitchen and put the first row of tiles closet to the countertop. See how simple? Jessica and her hubby are already off and running. Her tumbled marble backsplash is going to be a stunner for sure!




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