0 Before & After: Desk Revamp

>> Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It seems like I’ve had an overwhelming number of conversations lately (both face-to-face and over the web/blog/facebook/email) centered around furniture rehabs. From where to find diamonds in the rough to which type of paint to buy for different projects. I could not be more excited! As far as I’m concerned, the more rehabbers in the world, the better.

To keep the furniture flipping train moving, check out the inspiration that The Virginia House is dishing up. An absolutely precious little desk from the get go, with just a little paint, new knobs and the most genius method ever for removing wood veneer, this rehab was a serious success…


I also love how the edges are roughed up a bit to give a worn in, shabby chic feel. You can copy this look by running a piece of sandpaper over the corners and edges once the paint is completely dry.




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