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>> Thursday, March 8, 2012

Holy moly. How about a late in the day blog post for ya?

I’ve spent an absolutely perfect day scooting around Costa Farms in sunny Miami with an incredible group of bloggers/writers/gardening gurus. How’d I sneak into the mix? Good question and your guess is as good as mine. As the self proclaimed brown thumb of the group, I have had an amazing time touring the mega-sized plant farm…Ever bought a houseplant at Lowe’s, Walmart, IKEA or Kroger? Odds are these guys grew it.

More on the trip as soon as I land my happy self back in the construction site, but for now, a little sneak peek of what I’ve been up to…

Costa_Potting an orchid_1

Costa_Project Houseplant_1Costa_Potting an orchid_2
Rest assured no plants were harmed during my visit to the farm…that I know of…or my new Costa friends were too nice to tell me otherwise. 



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