0 Going Green: A New Addition & True Confession

>> Wednesday, March 21, 2012

After my visit to Costa Farms in Miami a couple of weeks ago (click here for the details of that lovely trip), I’ve been on a mission to bring more plants into my construction site. Especially once I caught sight of the orchid farm. I’ve never seen so many happy little plant faces in one room…


So during a recent run to Kroger, I picked up a new little orchid friend of my own…



For only $10, I loaded my newly adopted orchid into the Prius and cruised on home to find the perfect perch for him. And with super simple how-to-not-kill-your-orchid instructions, I had a newfound sense of confidence that I could keep this one alive. Best news of the day.


In other news on the attempt to turn my brown thumb green, the seeds I planted last week? I may or may not have left them out in the torrential downpour we had overnight.


But even with my neglectful plant mother behavior,  I have a few precious little tomato sprouts…


The bad news? I’ll soon have to cleanup my backyard and find a place for these little babies to keep growing once they outgrow their nursery. Doesn’t sound like the most fun I’ve ever had but the fresh tomato & basil salads in my future will be worth the effort.



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