0 Table Talk: Perfectly Prepped

>> Thursday, December 15, 2011

When it comes to rehabbing a piece of furniture that will see a lot of wear and tear, like my rehab-in-progress below, prep work is essential to keep your furniture flip in tip top shape. Let’s talk about a few tips and tricks I use for making sure my rehabs are perfectly prepped.


Because I prefer to do my rehabs indoors in front of the latest episode of Bravo’s Real Housewives, I keep scrap wood on hand to prop up the legs so that every square inch is painted and a handful of old towels to catch any drips.


The master plan is to paint the base of the table a clean white, but in order for the paint to stick, I first needed a solid coat of primer. After a quick wipe down to remove any dust and dirt, it was time to prime. I keep a can a Kilz odorless oil-based primer on hand at all times. If you’ve ever encountered oil-based paint in a confined space, you’ll know that odorless is your sniffer’s best friend.


Primed and drying, my primer covered paintbrush goes back where it belongs to keep from drying out between coats…in the fridge underneath leftovers.




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