2 First Timer’s Guide to…Water Heaters

>> Thursday, September 29, 2011

I make no bones about the fact that my absolute favorite buyers to work with are first timers. Clearly, I love all of my friend-clients, but first timers just have an excitement, eagerness and curiosity that cannot be matched. They are full of questions, and I never get as many thank you’s and have-I-mentioned-today-that-you-are-the-best?! compliments as I do from my first time buyers. Quite the ego boost and who doesn’t like a little love thrown in their direction?

After spending a lot of time during home showings answering first time buyer questions about every nook and cranny of a house, I quickly began to see a familiar pattern of “What is this big metal thing in the closet?” and “Look at this crack in the wall…The house is falling apart, isn’t it?!” questions coming my way. Since many first time buyers are renters before they make the leap into homeownership, why would they need to fool with the ins and outs of keeping a house in working order with a landlord just a quick call away? I too was guilty of such convenient ignorance until I A. became a proud homeowner and B. spent hours every week pouring over inspection reports and following plumbers/electricians/roofers around houses. So for you, my dearly beloved first timers, I’ve whipped up a new ongoing LTHL blog segment called the First Timer’s Guide To… a short and sweet overview of the different parts of a house that make the entire operation tick.

First up, the First Timer’s Guide to…Water Heaters!

Most common types:

Storage-tank heaters   Tankless heaters
How it works: Water is heated and held in the tank until needed.

Pro: Less expensive to replace

Life expectancy:
10-15 years

Who to call: Plumber
  How it works: Water is heated instantly when needed.

Pro: Can cut your bill by 10-20%

Life expectancy: 20 years

Who to call: Plumber

And in case you missed my own around-the-house experience with a broken water heater, click here for a briefing…



Just can’t get enough fun water heater facts, click here for more info.


Donna,  September 29, 2011 at 1:55 PM  

I didn't realize tankless HWH lasted so much longer. Are that a lot more expensive than the regular kind?

Cara @ Live the Home Life September 29, 2011 at 4:36 PM  

They are definitely more expensive but there are a ton of pros...hot water on demand, cut back on bills, take up less space.


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