0 Reader Redo: Jessica’s (Dog Gone) Trunk

>> Monday, May 9, 2011

You know I love a good before and after, and when Jessica emailed me with a question about repairing a piece of furniture with puppy teeth marks scarring its beautiful wooden finish, my day was made…

Hi Cara! I need your help! With having a condo, I have tried to find ways of saving space…and here comes my problem.  My boyfriend's parents were coming over this past weekend for a joint birthday party, and in preparation I bought a brand new wooden trunk.  (Let me just emphasize again that I have only had this trunk less than a week.)  Well, within a couple days of having it, I noticed that my one year old Shih-poo has begun chewing on it!  I guess the shutters were just too much temptation for her. What can I do to fix it? Thanks for your help!




Oh, silly puppy. The things we do for our furry friends.

My advice to Jessica ensued…


It looks like most of the damage was to the slats across the front.

You probably could skip sanding if you use Kilz, maybe rough up the top a bit since it will get more wear and tear over time. Just a once over with medium grit sandpaper should do, followed by Kilz primer and a couple coats of pain.

Let me know what you think. I love a project and this one is totally condo friendly.

Imagine my delight when Jessica’s after shot popped into my inbox this morning. Fabulous!



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