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>> Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Around here, sometimes things just happen. And by things, I mean projects. No explanation of why. They just happen. My intensions were completely innocent when I started hauling paint cans from inside my hall closet to my workshop last night. Just a little tidying up around the old casa…until my eye caught sight of a half empty can of Sherwin Williams Rice Grain and I thought how great the hue would look in my hall bath…

…and that’s when a lazy evening of casual around-the-house cleanup quickly morphed into an off the cuff hall bath mini-revamp.

Sure the pink bath has inched its way to improvement from the floral wall-papered, granny curtained days of when I first moved in…


But we can do better: the train of thought that lead me to the tornado-esque status of my pink bath 12 hours later…

So what exactly is on the to-do list?

  Paint the walls…check
  Replace frightening fluorescent vanity light…check
  Replace outlets and light switches…check
  Frame mirror
  Sand & paint cabinets/linen closet door
  Replace cabinet pulls
  Thank the heavens I have a shiny new master bathroom to use in the process…check



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