0 Before & After: Den Coffee Table

>> Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Now that I made it safely back to less scary turf after my early week crawlspace adventure, I’m on a serious kick for getting my den in working order. When it came time to round up a coffee table, there was no better place to look than the $7.00 glass top junker I snagged at a thrift store months back. Just your standard paint and polish definitely wouldn’t hurt.

Propped on two pieces of scrap wood to make sure no smidge is left unpainted…


Primed. Oil-based since I was a tad on the lazy side and didn’t feel like sanding the finish off of the original wood…


Finally a couple coats of paint I already had laying around the house…


Let’s be honest with ourselves here people. I really only wanted this guy to join in on all of this den action for one reason and one reason only: I definitely couldn’t turn down an additional hiding place for the excessive amount of magazines taking over my house.


I feel really good about it.



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