0 DIY Light Fixture Rehab: Day 1

>> Monday, July 18, 2011

When I left y’all on Friday, I was obsessing over this do-it-yourself light fixture from Vintage Revivals

The good news is I now have my very own copy cat hanging in my kitchen. The even better news is this project was so simple that there is no reason why we can’t all have one of our own. Let’s spend the next few days getting our DIY bearings and breaking this project down step by step. First things first, we need to round up a few supplies.

Note to the reader: I estimated the cost of each item. I could have told you down to each last penny how much the items cost, but my purse carrying all of the receipts is all the way across the room and I reserve the right to be a little lazy.

Supply List:

  Creaky old light fixture…I found mine for $5.00 at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Don’t worry if the shade doesn’t look too hot. All we need is the inside lamp that holds the bulbs…$5-ish
  2 metal hanging planters…make sure the baskets are large enough to contain your lamp. I used two 12” baskets…$10-ish at Walmart
  1 can of flat gold spray paint…$5-ish at Home Depot
  Swag light kit…if the wire on your original light fixture is too short for your space, you can rewire using one of these kits. Don’t worry we’ll go into detail on how to do this…$11-ish at Home Depot

Total: $20-ish…or $31-ish if you need the light kit like I did.

VR Light_1

VR Light_2

VR Light_4

Check back with me tomorrow and we’ll get into the nitty gritty goodness of demo. Happy Monday, y’all!



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