1 DIY Light Fixture Rehab: Day 3

>> Thursday, July 21, 2011

Here we go with day 3 of our DIY light fixture knock off from Vintage Revivals. DAY 3?! Before you become too overwhelmed by the apparent workload, the project from beginning to end only takes a couple of hours (and this includes plenty of time spent twiddling thumbs while paint dries). To spare you from the world’s longest blog post, I just decided to break the project up and share little by little this week. Feeling better? Do-it-yourself confidence level rising? Great! Let’s keep going with this bad boy.

Last I left you, we’d just outfitted the lamp with a longer wire better suited to my space.

VR Light_17 
Now let’s keep pushing forward with a little paint and assembly. First up, removing the clips from each of the hanging baskets. We’ll only need to hang on to (and paint) three clips, so go ahead and toss the remaining three.

VR Light_18

VR Light_31

Once the baskets are free, head outside with your can of spray paint, lamp, baskets, hooks, chain to cover your wire (plenty of extra chain comes in the swag light kit if you are without), and any other miscellaneous parts from your old lamp that you feel may come in handy as you reassemble. Better to spray paint too much than too little.

VR Light_20
Be sure to protect your light bulb sockets. I stuffed each socket with bits of tissue to make sure the spray paint stayed clear of these areas.

VR Light_30

VR Light_29

Spray away! Let dry and spray again until well coated.

VR Light_28VR Light_21
Once nice and dry, time to reassemble our light fixture—once again those dozens of photos we snapped as we were disassembling the original light fixture come in handy here.

VR Light_27
Example of old light part still needed: I had to super glue this silly piece of plastic from the original lamp to the top of my upper basket to make sure the lamp fit snuggly.

VR Light_22
Remember this piece from the original lamp? It also received the spray paint treatment and came back to hold the lamp in place.

imageVR Light_23
Then, weave the wire through the chain…

VR Light_26VR Light_25
And attach the bottom basket using the three spray painted clips.

VR Light_24

Nice! Now all we have to do is install this bad boy. I can think of no better Friday blog post than such. See you tomorrow as we wrap up this DIY masterpiece!



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